2023 IEEE PES GT&D Istanbul Conference and Exposition are happy to announce
the Istanbul 2023 E-mobility & Smart Cities Pavilion. In cooperation with
IEEE PES E-Mobility & Smart Cities Panel area, this world-class pavilion on the exhibit floor will include a variety of presentations and case study exhibits showcasing effective collaboration necessary to draw a road map for future cities & future e-vehicles. Access the latest technologies and real-world applications meant to promote business and connect thousands of attendees from around the world with best practices for e-mobility, urban planning, and innovation. 
The e-Mobility concept, which represents a journey experience far beyond reaching from point A to point B, is opening up new horizons with electric and connected vehicles. The level that E-Mobility has reached and future studies, including many new technologies from comfort to safety, from in-car entertainment systems to autonomous driving that lead drivers and passengers to travel experiences that were previously unimaginable, will be exhibited at the 2023 IEEE PES GT&D.
Istanbul 2023 E-mobility & Smart Cities Pavilion & Panel Area will be a platform where business managers, industrial leaders, urban administrators, and international authorities responsible for developing electric vehicles and urban policies can offer their solutions to develop future cities. Participants can change ideas, experiences, and visions to:

⦁ Smart Villages
⦁ Smart Buildings
⦁ Smart Energy
⦁ Smart Mobility
⦁ Smart Public Safety
⦁ Smart Data Security
⦁ Decarbonization Strategies in Smart Cities
⦁ Innovative Digital Solutions in Smart Cities
⦁ Smart Logistics
⦁ Critical Infrastructures and Their Security ⦁ Data Security of E-mobility
⦁ Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility (CCAM)
⦁ Urban E-Mobility Solutions
⦁ The Road to Autonomous Driving
⦁ New technological Improvements in range and charge times
⦁ Global Electric Mobility Programme
⦁ Interoperability and e-mobility
⦁ Electric Mobility as a Service
⦁ Artificial Intelligence in E-Mobility Industry
⦁ The right software as a driver for E-mobility